Ronda, Spain - historic city perched on a mountain top

When visiting the Costa del Sol in sunny Spain, there's a magical place just waiting for you, just a short drive from Marbella and on top of a mountain.
OK, the drive up to Ronda can be a tad daunting as it winds around the hillside, but the views on the way (for passengers at least!) are astounding. And what you will find at the top makes the whole thing worthwhile.
Ronda, whilst traditionally Spanish, incorporates a lot of history - from the Romans to the Moors, they have all left their mark in the well preserved ruins and buildings to be found in the town.Pictured on the left is the "New Bridge", which spans a deep gorge, El Tajo. While it was built some years ago, the name New Bridge has somehow stuck.
When crossing the bridge the view down to the bottom of the gorge is astounding and on either side of the gorge, houses seem to just cling to the edges and look likely to fall at any moment...


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