The latest in Spanish news at June 4, 2013

The latest in Spanish news at June 4, 2013

Sleeping British Airways crew delays flight to Barcelona, Spain
Early bird passengers, who had already checked in for a British Airways (BA) flight from Aberdeen to Barcelona, were kept waiting for over three hours on Sunday morning, while their cabin crew snoozed on...

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Cost cutting: Spain's national police buy own bullet-proof vests
Due to lack of government funding, many members of the Spanish national police are being forced to cough up around €1,000 each for bullet-proof vests and slash-resistant clothing...
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Royal mistake: Spain's Infanta Elena fined for driving a tractor
A rather amusing case of mistaken identity caused the eldest daughter of Spain's King Juan Carlos to receive a fine for a traffic infraction involving a tractor in Valladolid. Well, amusing for everyone except the Spanish royal family of course!

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